What is FitStyle?

FitStyle is Knoxville's elite in-home personal training service owned and operated by nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Training Specialist, and Certified Barre Instructor, Patty Lauren. 

Our lives these days are busier than ever - not only with professional and personal responsibilities but with the daily stress of living. Your health is vital to being the best you you can be and one of the optimal ways to do that is through fitness. Leave your excuses at your door and let FitStyle bring your workout to you. 

Your workout will be personalized based on your goals, capabilities while keeping each workout fresh and challenging. FitStyle programs will not be limited to your living room - as long as capabilities allow, we will be taking our workouts to another level by embracing Knoxville's greenspaces and local parks.


FitStyle provides everything you need to complete a full body workout - all you need to provide is your time and commitment to let us help you change your life. Each session starts with stretching and foam rolling before starting your individually designed workout - form is always of utmost importance as I coach you through each circuit. Finally, the workout is ended with stretching designed to target your whole body. As part of FitStyle's premium services, clients can enjoy an icy cold, essential oil infused towel as they end their training session.

Not only does FitStyle provide training services by bringing your workout to you, but we also provide online training no matter where you may be located.


 Patty Lauren

Nationally Certified Personal Trainer

Functional Training Specialist

Certified Barre Instructor


Patty Lauren found her passion of personal training through first being a personal training client herself. After going through a life changing fitness journey and losing 40lbs,she fell in love with personal training and how it can truly transform your life.


In 2015, she began to work towards her personal trainer certification. In 2016, she was nationally certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer and in 2017 she created FitStyle, LLC. In spring of 2018, Patty Lauren expanded her training expertise by becoming a Functional Training Specialist, enabling her to further help her clients reach their specific, individual goals. To bring her clients even more diverse workouts, she completed her Certified Barre Instructor certification in the fall of 2018.


Being a former client, Patty Lauren knows the importance of personal training and the time and commitment that goes into fulfilling your fitness goals. Not only is fitness life changing, it is often heart changing! With her holistic approach to fitness, Patty Lauren has the resources to connect you to professionals in the diet and nutrition field as well as the mental health field. 

She is passionate and dedicated to continuing education and bringing the most current, proven, and effective methods of training to her clients!  

FitStyle Training Sessions

Private Sessions

Private sessions are one-on-one and are perfect for someone new to working out, someone who enjoys their solo workout times, or someone who wants the more personalized attention a private session offers.

Teammate Sessions

Teammate sessions are 2-4 clients and are great for those who love a little competition, need accountability, or prefer working out with a friend - this option is also perfect for couples! 


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