FitStyle Jumpstart

Let's face it - the beginning of the year can be full of good intensions, but they don't always become year round habits. Keep reading to find out how to sign up for 5 days worth of jumpstarting your new year!

My 5 day FitStyle Jumpstart is aimed to give you daily, realistic goals to work towards than can help you feel a little more centered and a lot more intentional.

Each day, you will receive an email with daily prompts to recenter your day while giving you a new goal to work towards. Remember, a healthful lifestyle is one that can be maintained year round for your whole life. That means no extreme goals, no "all in or all out" mentality... but, it does mean more balance, more acceptance, and a little more hard work.

To sign up, enter your email address below! You will receive your first prompt on January 6th. The challenge lasts until January 10th.

Let's jump into 2020 together - happier, healthier, and more intentional!


patty lauren

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