Have you always wanted to try a barre class? Now is your chance! Whether you are interested in having a private barre lesson or want to get a group of friends together for a group session/party (ask me about Barre & Bubbly!), FitStyle has you covered! FitStyle provides everything needed for a e one-on-one session or a group class. 

What are the benefits of barre? Barre is one of the most popular styles of exercise for good reason. Known for it's "burning" and "shaking" effects, the isometric holds and timed repetitions help push your muscles to their max (that's where the shaking comes in!) which means you are literally feeling your muscles change and tone. Barre puts a lot of emphasis on activating the core which not only helps prevent injury, but can help your posture and it is what helps create those long, lean muscles we all crave.

Barre is low impact and is kind on the joints which means its perfect for any exercise level. Don't let its low intensity level fool you, though - barre can be intense, challenging, and shake you to your core!

Maybe you've always wanted to try barre but have been apprehensive because you don't know how it works or where to start. A private lesson is a great way to get started! I'll lead you through a full body workout and give you tips to feel confident and excited about barre!

A group class is a great way to get your friends together to enjoy a fun, but intense workout! Hosting groups as small as 3 or as large as 10, enjoy a barre workout in the comfort of your own home alongside your best friends. Ask me about Barre & Bubbly classes!