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Personal Training

"... bringing the fitness lifestyle to you!"

Fitness can be intimidating. There is so much information circulating that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what exercises you should be doing, how you should do them correctly, how many to do, etc.


With FitStyle Online Training & Coaching, I want to take the guesswork out of working out for you and give you workouts that are right for your body and lifestyle and workouts that will bring you real results.

With online training your workouts are individual to you - no two workouts are quite alike. My goal is to give you the tools to help coach you through a workout program that will focus on getting you closer to your goals while fitting your workouts into your busy lifestyle.

How Do I Receive my Workouts?

Each week, you will be emailed your workouts in a PDF format. The number of workouts you receive each week will depend on the amount of days you and I discuss are appropriate based on your availability and commitment level.

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What If I Don't Know What an Exercise Is?

Through a shared site, email/text and/or Dropbox, you will be able to view demo videos of certain exercises to ensure your form stays top priority. In addition, you may be asked to video yourself performing certain exercises for form and feedback purposes.

How IS Progress Tracked?

Progress is tracked two ways - Check-Ins and pictures. Each week, you and your trainer will have a designated “Check-In” day where you will discuss your week’s workouts, what was good/needed improvement, how you felt, and come up with a game plan for the next week.


While scales fluctuate multiple times a day and are not always reliable, pictures tell another story. Each week, you will be asked to take a set of photos (front, side, back) as a way to track your physical progress and to keep you accountable to the work.

What Is the Investment?

For $199 a month, you receive personal online coaching and training that can help give you the accountability and challenges you need. You will have access to text/call me about your program and any questions you have throughout your training.

There is no contract, renewal investment is due at the beginning of each month, and you may cancel at the end of any month. 


Thank you! We will be in touch soon!

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