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4 Minute Workouts

I get it - we all have crazy busy days where you're lucky to eat and get out the door and back home in one piece. Even on our best days, getting in an effective workout may seem daunting. In this post, I'm sharing one of my favorite workouts ever and guess what? It just takes four minutes. You may be thinking, "She can't be serious!" Oh, but I am. Remember, sometimes less can be more!

If you've never heard of a Tabata, you're in for a real treat today. If you have, you know the goodness I'm talking about. Fun fact: I used to HATE Tabatas. Like, loathe them. Like, possibly a little overdramatic in my execution of them. That's why I get to tell you not only are they effective, they will kick your butt! I also get to tell you YOU are in charge of your health. YOU get to decide how much longer you're going to feel bad about yourself! YOU get to decide how much longer you're going to suffer from health issues that can be remedied by better diet and exercise. YOU. YOU decide. No one else. If you're new to FitStyle, let me remind you where I came from...

2011-2016. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT! I promise!

So, what is a Tabata? It is intervals of HIIT for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes of work. FOUR MINUTES, ya'll. Every single one of us has at least 4 minutes. Tabata was invented by Izumi Tabata, a Japanese doctor and researcher. Tabata jumpstarts your heart rate and metabolism in a very short amount of time. Our body needs those short, quick bursts of high intensity interval training exercises to jumpstart our metabolism into its fat burning mode. Tabata will leave you burning calories all day long which is essential if you are wanting to burn fat. Tabatas are also great if you really hate cardio and want to keep it as short as possible. Less is definitely more in this case! So, what do you need to do to get in a killer Tabata workout? Read on!


The Workouts

Grab a free timer app (IntervalTimer is my fave) and set it for 8 cycles of 20 seconds and 10 seconds. This should total up to 4 minutes. Hit START and GO!

Tabata #1

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks


High Knees

Butt Kicks

Jump Squats

Speed Skaters

Jumping Jacks

Tabata #2

Split Squat Jumps

Side Shuffles

Jump Squats - forward and backwards

Shoulder Taps


Bear Crawls

Tricep Dips

Crab Walks

Tabata #3 (great for runners - especially if you want to increase your speed)

Sprint for 20 seconds, jog for 10 seconds

Tabata #4 (for beginners or those who need modifications)

Step Outs (think a jumping jack without the jump)

Squat to Toe Raise (squat and instead of jumping up, come to a toe raise)

Side Shuffles

High Knee Raises

Butt Kicks (no jump)

Speed Skaters (just tap the ground instead of jumping)

Mountain Climbers

Plank Step Outs (plank jack without the impact - alternate stepping feet to the side)

*Tabatas are intended to be intensive, so if you are new to working out, try #4 first. Always consult your physician before starting any workout program.

Remember, you can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds!! I love you guys and want you to be successful! Let me know if I can answer any questions about these!


patty lauren



Maria Collier
Maria Collier
Feb 02, 2019

I love Tabatas because I hate cardio 😅 But you're right - you definitely feel the burn! Thanks for these 🤗


Patty Lauren
Patty Lauren
Feb 02, 2019

Leslie, you can burn over 50 calories in a Tabata workout - the added benefit is the high intensity of the workout revs up your metabolism for hours afterwards!


Leslie Ducay
Feb 01, 2019

I love this, Patty! Do you know how many calories this 4-minute workout could burn?

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