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The Lost Month

Well, well, well... Hello there, friend! I've almost been off social media for a month and what a month it has been. At the end of October, I had calendar lists printed for all the things I was going to accomplish in November. Blog posts, holiday outfit inspiration for my LTK site, and workout videos for when I returned to Instagram/Facebook. But, as with any well-intended plans, life had other ideas.

At the beginning of November, we had a marvelous visit from my college bestie, her husband, and our adorable goddaughters. Being the cool Godmother I strive to be, I ordered glitter slime kits (never again), made chocolate chip cookies, and homemade dog treats to deliver throughout the neighborhood, and coerced the 6-year-old to do a daily 2.5-mile walk with me. Being from Florida, she was unsure of the many hills on our walk but she quickly got the hang of the

"Pump your arms and squeeze your buns!" mantra I kept repeating.

The day they left, B & I promptly got sicker than dogs. I had it horrible - I haven't been that sick in over 10 years. Not even exaggerating. You name a sick symptom, I had it. Body aches, fever, chills, earaches from hell, sore throat, cough...the list goes on. Once I started feeling better, B started feeling worse. Before we knew it, it was basically the end of November. We're still not really sure what we had - we tested negative for all the big things but after talking to several friends it seems it's whatever super virus many people have had this fall. What a time to be alive!

Ya'll know I did every potion and hocus pocus concoction I knew of. From silver nasal spray to a potent combo of Zinc/vitamin C/NAC/Quercetin/vitamin D, etc. I try to be thankful and aware of how fortunate I am to have my health but when you get hit with illness you are even more thankful! Praying each of you reading this stays well and healthy this holiday season!

In a twist of unconventional living, B and I canceled Thanksgiving hosting this year and snuck away to the mountains of North Carolina with Grace Kelly. We stayed in the woods at the most cozy, romantic tiny house. Fitted with an oversized, outdoor bathtub and wood-burning stove, we made a yummy meal for two on a very small induction stove and soaked up the expansive quiet of the mountains. If you're looking for the perfect escape for two or you need time away on your own with your thoughts, book this idyllic and charming space. I promise you will not regret it.

In other news, I'm trucking along on my 150 books to read by the end of the year. I have missed sharing each book with you guys on IG, but I'm still active on Good Reads! I'm almost there - currently, I'm in the thick of Bright Lights Big Christmas and it is such a delightful holiday read to get you in the mood for Christmas!

After starting Gilmore Girls from the beginning in September, I've been on a mission to finish the series before Christmas. I've never seen the entire series so it's been fun and I love how it's perpetually fall-iso. I get the hype now. I'm currently finishing up Season 6 (most of which I hated) and I think I'll wrap it up by the new year!

Lastly, I've decided to extend my social media break through the remainder of 2023. I may pop on for a quick Christmas message but I'm enjoying the time away more than I thought. It's been joyful to soak up the holiday feels without being inundated with comparison/sales/food shaming/etc. I'm hopeful I'll come back in 2024 with a renewed sense of purpose in my corner of the internet.

You can keep up with me here as I hope to continue blogging in December and if you are looking for gift guides and ideas, I'm sharing daily sales and inspiration on my LikeToKnowIt site. I love budgets and I love saving money so I'm sharing my personal picks with you all in hopes to save you a little $ and make shopping easier this season.

until next time...


patty lauren

* Affiliate disclosure: Some blog posts may contain affiliate links. When you purchase through my affiliate links, I may earn a commission. There is no added cost to you and many times you save $ when using my unique codes. A significant amount of my work is spent researching products and topics to help you live a more holistic lifestyle. When you shop using my links, you are helping support my business and enabling me to continue providing you with wellness resources at no expense to you.


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