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A Year of Intention

Chances are you have made some New Year's resolutions at one point or another. We set resolutions to make changes, better ourselves, quit bad habits, or cultivate good habits. Is that something that has been successful for you or something you have found yourself struggling with? The excitement and anticipation of a fresh start can be almost intoxicating - sometimes to the point where we set goals that may be more than we are ready to completely commit to. If that's the case, we can find ourselves quickly discouraged and possibly even giving up altogether.

This year, I want to encourage you to look at intentions versus resolutions. Look for small, simple way to change your world, your outlook, your body.

Drink more water (remember, 1.2 your bodyweight is ideal)

Move your body Try something new. A yoga class, a spin class, a barre class - or, let me help you design a home program you can do in the comfort of your own home. Love the way you take care of your body - don't hate it or dread it. Find something you love and stick with it.

Get outside for some fresh air every day (just 20 minutes can revamp your mood!)

Kick diets to the curb Eat real food - fresh veggies, fresh fruit, lean proteins. Limit sugar and processed foods.

Get some shut eye - shoot for 7-8 hours each evening. It can be difficult if you are used to 4-6, but each evening try to wind it down a little earlier until you reach that optimal hour range.

Journal your thoughts - spend 10 minutes each morning writing them down. Write your intensions for the day. Keep yourself accountable.

Read more books

Take a social media timeout each week - maybe it's for a block of time each day or a whole weekend. Social media drains us and can counteract some of the good habits we try to put in place like getting a good night's sleep, not comparing ourselves to others, having a positive body image, etc.

Instead of imposing hard and fast rules on yourself like "I will not each sugar at all" try to fill your body with whole, real food (the more you do this, the less your body will want to reach for the sugar) but when you do want to indulge in a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine, do it without regret and move on.

Or, instead of saying "I'm going to the gym every single day this year" try to aim to be active each day. Whether it's a 20 minute walk outside or a group ex class or a personal training session - it's okay to have variety as long as you are moving your body in an intentional way each day.

Happy New Year, my friends. Here's to 2019!


patty lauren


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