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Ice, Ice Baby!

I have been wanting to try cryotherapy for awhile now and when my friends over at CryoStretch gave me the opportunity to come check out their Knoxville location, I jumped at the chance. CryoStretch doesn't just offer Cryotherapy, but several other services! I wanted to share a brief overview of all of them as there's a little bit of something for everyone.

Cryotherapy can have many benefits for most healthy individuals, especially if they are active! Adding in Cryotherapy to your fitness and wellness routine can help reduce inflammation and swelling, help speed up recovery for sore muscles, and even help aid in better sleep.

I'll admit I was a little nervous getting into the CryoStretch Cryotherapy chamber, but Madison, one of the CryoStretch team members, had explained everything beforehand and made me feel so comfortable!

I was able to change in a private room and put on a big, fluffy robe, socks, slippers, and gloves. After changing, Madison helped me into the chamber and made sure I was comfortable (they put risers into the machine so you can stand see out) before starting the session. I removed the robe, but kept my socks and gloves on. Clients can keep shorts/sports bra on or go au natural - their choice!

My session was 2 minutes and I rotated every 30ish seconds to make sure the cold was evenly being distributed on my body. Honestly, it felt SO invigorating! The team gave me a few pointers at the beginning of my visit and they reminded me a lot of it can be mental (just like I tell my clients - the mental battle can be the hardest!) so I tried to remember to slow down my thoughts and take deep breaths. I didn't start feeling prickly cold chills until the last 30 seconds of my session. Once I stepped out and put my robe back on, I immediately started to warm back up.

In addition to full body Cryotherapy, CryoStretch offers localized cryo treatment which means they use a small, handled laser that treats smaller areas like elbows, knees, shoulders, etc. It's a great treatment for tennis elbow!

CryoSkin Facial

CryoStretch also has a very unique services that adds the benefits of a facial with the icy treatment of cryotherapy in their CryoSkin Facial! I love that you can truly get a full body experience in one spot.


Another recovery service CryoStretch offers is NormaTec PULSE Recovery. The benefits of this compression rehab is helping muscles recover faster from strenuous workouts, reduce swelling, increase circulation, and even aid in minimizing soreness. The team told me clients often feel very relaxed during a NormaTec treatment and it's a great way to sneak in a nap + recovery!

Now, to the Stretch part! CryoStretch is home to full service physical therapy. They offer assisted stretching sessions which can help clients achieve greater range of motion, less pain, and achieve the most out of their active lifestyle. With additional services like dry-needling, cupping, and rock taping, CryoStretch has options to help each client feel their best.

For FITSTYLE readers, CryoStretch is offering a limited offer of 3 recovery services (Cryotherapy, NormaTec, Assisted Stretching, etc) for only $35...a value of $105! Talk about an amazing deal. This offer is only valid until November 1st, 2020 so call (865) 766-2796 or email today to book your appointments! Tell them FitStyle Knox sent you!


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