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Meet Andy - FitStyle's Newest In-Home Personal Trainer

It's an exciting day! Some of you know I have been prayerfully considering and searching for another personal trainer to join FitStyle for quite awhile. I'm happy to announce that day has come! Andy Meylink joins the FitStyle family as another in-home personal trainer. Andy really is a jack of all trades - he's not only a trainer, but a former Athletic Director, businessman... Read on for more about Andy!


Andy has a wide variety of personal training experience ranging from the professional athlete to the stay-at-home parent. He recognizes the importance of developing relationships with clients to help push them to success and see their goals achieved. He knows it’s not just about the physical, but the mental endurance it takes to change.

Andy has previously worked has an Athletic Director and been a personal trainer at corporations like the YMCA and D1. Andy believes in one of the FitStyle motto’s, “Form is First” and knows the invaluable importance of proper technique and execution. He prides himself on not just leading a client through a workout, but helping them understand the importance of why they are performing certain exercises. He aims to educate as well as motivate. He is currently accepting new clients!


In celebration of Andy joining FitStyle, we are offering a 10% discount throughout the month of September on personal training packages. Please email in order to set up a free consultation with Andy!


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